Frequently Asked Questions

When do Visiting Industry Research appointments begin?
Industry visitors are generally accepted twice a year and begin their appointments in August and/or January.

Are all appointments for a full year?
No, not all appointments are for a full 12 months. Visiting Indusry Researchers may come for 6 or 12 month stays.

Who may be a visiting industry researcher within CSAIL?
Any individual from a CAP member company, who meets all the qualifications and requirements of the appointment, has the permission of the CSAIL principal investigator and research group where s/he will be assigned, and been formally accepted by the lab director, may join CSAIL as a visiting industry researcher.

How many spots are available each year?
There are only 10 appointments available each year.

What is available to the visiting industry researcher while at CSAIL?
In additional to close connections within the research group, visiting industry researchers will meet with staff each month, receive weekly schedules with suggestions on meetings, workshops, talks, symposiums and have the opportunity to meet with and visit other lab research groups as well.

Is the visiting industry researcher an MIT employee?
No. The visiting industry researcher remains an employee of his/her sponsoring company.  The sponsoring company must enter into a CSAIL Industry Visitor Program Participation Agreement and the visiting industry researcher must sign an MIT IPIA agreement form. All visiting researchers involved in research at MIT are required to sign a Visiting Scientist Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement.

For more detailed information about applying, please see Process and Requirements.