Director's Message

CSAIL- MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory- has pioneered new approaches to computing for more than 50 years! CSAIL has brought revolutionary new technologies to the world and stands poised to enable even more breakthrough advances in the coming years.

CSAIL is a vibrant community and an integral part of an innovative ecosystem.  Over 1100 people are part of the lab, 900+ active projects and 500+ startups.  CSAIL represents all 5 schools and 11 different departments across MIT.  Our researchers include 7 MacArthur fellow and 9 Turing award winners.

As our Director Professor Daniela Rus notes, CSAIL researchers imagine and build the future by developing fundamental new technologies and conducting basic research that furthers the field of computing and its applications.

Through CSAIL Alliances, we enable a closer connection to the work, startups, researchers and students of CSAIL. Alliances provides organizations with several pathways for a proactive and comprehensive approach to developing strong connections with all CSAIL has to offer. Whether its research, cutting-edge technologies, talent recruitment and development, or startup connections, leading organizations come to CSAIL to learn about our research, to recruit talented graduate students, and to explore collaborations across our ecosystem.

If you are a current CSAIL Alliances member, learn more about engaging with CSAIL students, professional programs, and startup companies here:

CSAIL Alliances Overview | CSAIL Alliances Annual Meeting 2023 (Search for video titled CSAIL Alliances Overview from May 24, 2023)

This is a very exciting time and I invite you to connect with us and explore the possibilities!
Lori Glover
Managing Director, Global Strategic Alliances, MIT CSAIL