Sponsored Research

Is there is a specific challenge you are trying to solve that has no current commercial solution and is a fundamental technical challenge necessary to advance the field? If yes, then Sponsored Research might be the right path for you.

With Sponsored Research, the first step is to connect with the Alliances team so we can help identify a potential researcher whose work aligns with the problem you are trying to solve. Once a match is found, you work directly with the researcher and their team to develop a scope of work.

Sponsored research projects explore the viability of approaches to solving the problem and can often produce information and knowledge that could be competitively significant to the sponsor.

For full details on any CSAIL Alliances programs, please contact Lori Glover, CSAIL’s Managing Director of Alliances, at loriglover@csail.mit.edu.

Quanta’s relationship with CSAIL goes back to 10 years ago. Over the past decade, those technologies have helped Quanta to evolve from the largest computer notebook manufacturing company to one of the biggest cloud infrastructure and solutions provider."
Dr. Pisin Chen
Director, Quanta Computer