Meet Our Team

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Lori Glover
Managing Director, Global Strategic Alliances
Executive Director, FinTech@CSAIL
Executive Director, MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL
Executive Director, MIT Future of Data, Trust and Privacy
Executive Director, SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL
(617) 715-2460
Steve Lewis
Assistant Director
(617) 253-0316
Jessica Gibson
Sr. Manager, Marketing and Events
(617) 324-7299
Philip Arsenault
Sr. Client Relations Coordinator
(617) 324-8367
Callie Mathews
Sr. Client Relations Coordinator
(617) 324-7302
Christiana Kalfas
Client Relations Coordinator
Matthew Busekroos
Operations Coordinator
(617) 324-6745
Mikaela Joyce
Digital Media Strategist
Audrey Woods
Digital Presence Content Writer
Nate Caldwell
Video Production and Digital Media Specialist