Case Studies

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Lighting can shape ideas and innovation and help people live more safely, comfortably and productively. Alliances member company Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, talks about some of their research, along with the collaboration and benefits they have received from being a part of the Alliances program.

Routable AI, a startup out of MIT CSAIL, is working to build high capacity on-demand routing technology, taking ride-sharing to the next level and imagining what truly smart cities can be through their connections to the lab.

Through a collaboration with MIT CSAIL, Masayuki Koizumi, a visiting researcher from OMRON, is working to pair this sensing technology with artificial intelligence. He collaborates with the Networks at MIT research group within CSAIL, led by principal investigator Professor Dina Katabi.

Axon joined CSAIL Alliances in 2018 to pursue CSAIL’s renowned research areas in artificial intelligence, machine learning, networks and vision technology to enhance their current product lines, such as the police body-worn cameras, digital evidence management systems, disaster relief efforts and self-defense tools. By adapting CSAIL research technologies into their product streams, the upgraded commodities will assist in advancing secure solutions for public safety personnel, militaries and residents worldwide.

As the Head of Strategic US University Research Partnerships for BT, one part of Steve Whittaker’s role is to oversee the relationship between BT and CSAIL Alliances. BT and MIT have been collaborating for over thirty years, and, for Whittaker, the ongoing conversations between BT and CSAIL researchers have been an integral facet of this enduring partnership.