In this video series, you’ll learn the origin stories behind some of CSAIL’s most innovative startups, including what sparked the idea, the strategies behind launching a successful company, and how they’re implementing novel technology.

Introduction with Lori Glover

CSAIL Alliances Director Lori Glover gives an overview of the exciting research and business insights in our Research to Reality series.

Tamr with Professor Mike Stonebraker and Co-founders

Hear from CSAIL's Turing Award winning computer scientist Adjunct Professor Michael Stonebraker on the origins of his company Tamr. Professor Stonebraker is joined by Tamr co-founder CEO and entrepreneur Andy Palmer, as well as Daniel Bruckner and Alex Pagan, two Tamr co-founders who were at CSAIL when Tamr started.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics with Professors Sam Madden and Hari Balakrishnan

Hear from CSAIL Professors Sam Madden and Hari Balakrishnan as they share the story of how MIT research became Cambridge Mobile Telematics, the world's leading telematics company.