When is the right time to use AI in business?
Principal Research Scientist, MIT

This week on the CSAIL Alliances Podcast we’re joined by George Westerman, a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Founder of the Global Opportunity Initiative. Westerman discusses the future of AI, the opportunities it presents, as well as some potential pitfalls. Find a full transcript here.

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Founder, Columnist, Host

Today’s generative AI programs know how to write, compose music, and even create works of art. But it learned to do so by training on data made by human creators without asking their permission.

As independent artists and giant media companies bring their cases to court, the question is: will all this fundamentally change the human-AI relationship? This week’s podcast is a special crossover episode with our friends at Click Here; find out more about them here: therecord.media/podcast

Faculty Co-Director, MIT Future of Data, Trust, and Privacy, Principal Investigator, MIT CSAIL, Professor, MIT CSAIL
Professor, MIT EECS, Professor, MIT CSAIL, Co-Founder, Duality Technologies

MIT CSAIL Professors Srini Devadas and Vinod Vaikuntanathan join the CSAIL Alliances Podcast for a conversation about cybersecurity, addressing topics from federated protocols, the importance of data-driven approaches, and how quantum computing could change the landscape. 

A transcript of this podcast is available here.

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Chief Security Officer, Akamai
Chief Information Security Officer, Ads & Devices at Amazon

On this episode of the CSAIL Alliances Podcast, hear from industry experts Andy Ellis (former Chief Security Officer at Akamai) and Amy Herzog (Chief Information Security Officer, Ads & Devices at Amazon) about what companies should be focused on in a changing security landscape. Ellis and Herzog discuss the role of AI, the future of security, and the importance of maintaining vigilance with existing protocols like email. 

Full Transcript Here

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Director, MIT CSAIL & Professor, MIT EECS, Faculty Director, MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL, Deputy Dean of Research, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

CSAIL Director Professor Daniela Rus shares insights from her new book "The Heart and the Chip". Professor Rus discusses the past, present and future of how robots shape our lives. For more information on Professor Rus' new book, and to find a full transcript here.