Forging the Future of Cryptography with Adam Chlipala

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PRODUCED BY: Nate Caldwell

CSAIL Professor Adam Chlipala is working to change some of the fundamental ways we use cryptography. His latest project, Fiat Cryptography, utilizes formal methods to create complex cryptographic code to guarantee correctness. Fiat Cryptography stands to significantly change the efficiency and security of the web.

The podcast transcript can be found here.

About the speakers

Associate Professor, MIT CSAIL

Adam's background is in programming languages and formal methods.  He is interested in developing simpler and more effective abstractions for building correct, secure, and performant systems -- usually taking advantage of machine-checked mathematical proofs somehow.  His work applies ideas like object-capability systems, proof-carrying code, transactions, type systems, and whole-program optimizing compilers for high-level languages; with applications in computer architecture, cryptography, databases, and operating systems, including novel designs that span traditional layers.