Exploring Changes in Computing as Moore's Law Ends with Neil Thompson

In this episode


Neil Thompson explains how the end of Moore's Law will affect the computing stack, and what industry leaders should consider when facing this problem.

Podcast transcript can be accessed here.

About the speakers

Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL

Neil Thompson is an innovation scholar with appointments as a Research Scientist at CSAIL and as a Visiting Professor at Harvard.  His research focuses on 4 topics:

  • Computer Performance and Economic Outcomes
  • Tools and Innovation
  • Patenting & Licensing
  • Executing on Innovation and Strategy

He did his PhD in Business and Public Policy at Berkeley, where he also did Masters degrees in Computer Science and Statistics. He has a Master's in Economics from the London School of Economics, and undergraduate degrees in Physics and International Development. Prior to academia, he worked at organizations such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Bain and Company, The United Nations, the World Bank, and the Canadian Parliament.