Designing the Internet of the Future with David Clark

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Are we even sure what the internet is today? One of the original architects of the internet, David Clark, Senior Research Scientist at CSAIL, talks about shaping the future of the internet, the potential challenges and what it could become.

About the speakers

Senior Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL

Dr. David Clark received his PhD from MIT and is currently a Senior Research Scientist in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He joined the Internet project in the mid-1970s, and implemented the Internet protocols for the Multics system, the Xerox PARC ALTO, and the IBM PC. From 1981-1989 he acted as chief protocol architect for the Internet, and chaired the Internet Activities Board.

Industry Impact
It is important that companies prepare for an emerging rich platform that provides capabilities for redefining their IT requirements. They should see the Internet as a complicated ecosystem that opens the door to innovation and a user-friendly platform for communities.