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AI and Machine Learning

Arête's vision is to not only empower authenticity and inspire confidence through tech-enabled fashion but to entirely revolutionize the user experience in the fashion e-commerce sector, moving away from search-based shopping.

By harnessing the power of AI, Arête is designing a hyper-personalized styling and shopping iOS app. They do this by catering to the unique needs of each individual user and curating outfits based on a user's location, occasion, emotion, and budget. Their AI model learns a user's body shape, complexion, and stylistic preferences, enabling it to curate the perfect outfits using (i) the clothing in a users' closet and (ii) net new items available for purchase on our platform. For these recommendations, Arête works with small to medium-sized brands, creating an exciting discovery process for their shoppers and connecting brands with the shoppers most excited about their products.