The video below is an introduction to our lab tour series with Managing Director of Global Strategic Alliances Lori Glover. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the incredible research that goes on at CSAIL.


The Marine Robotics Group, led by Professor John J. Leonard is part of CSAIL at MIT. Their research is centered around the problems of navigation and mapping for autonomous robots operating in underwater and terrestrial environments.
Exterior of MIT dome building in Cambridge
The HCI Engineering Group's long-term vision is that in the future anybody will be able to create anything anywhere anytime. Working towards this goal, they build novel hardware and software systems that advance personal fabrication technologies.
Stata Center Building at MIT
Led by Professor Brian Williams, the Model-based Embedded and Robotic Systems Group develops “cognitive robots” - robots that are able to think and act much like humans do. There are three main thrusts to the research in the Model-Based Embedded and Robotics Systems (MERS) group: goal-driven interaction with robots, natural human/robot teaming, and robotic reasoning about the environment.
MIT Stata Center in Cambridge, MA