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It’s hard to imagine many fields where data is more important than financial services and banking. More and more, transactions and financial interactions are occurring online, in real-time — which means data is an integral component both for how financial institutions provide services and experiences to their customers and for how they mitigate risk. As the world grows more interconnected — and when economic situations turn on a dime, like during the Covid pandemic — staying at the forefront of these considerations is an ever-increasing technological challenge. Luckily for Capital One, the effective deployment of information technology is quite literally central to its founding principle.

Drake, an open-source toolbox first hatched by the Robot Locomotion Group in MIT CSAIL, has taken flight with support from CSAIL Professor Russ Tedrake and the Toyota Research Institute. Prof. Tedrake explains how Drake’s core development as a toolkit for optimizing robot dynamics and control systems will have a broad impact in the community as robots move toward performing at scale in real-world environments.

As a CSAIL Alliances Startup Connect Plus member, Envel AI keeps their finger on the pulse of what’s new in AI and financial technology. The FinTech startup aims to be the “world’s smartest bank account,” and gave a keynote speech called “Banking on Beast Mode” at last year’s MIT FinTech Conference. This year, Envel is returning as a Platinum Sponsor of the event. Read more about their autonomous banking technology and how Alliances helps them make exciting connections in the FinTech space.

A decade ago, the MIT CSAIL researchers behind CarTel embarked on a remarkable journey from lab technology to a thriving startup. Their goal of improving road safety ultimately helped them corner the mobile telematics market. Today, Cambridge Mobile Telematics has grown to support over 6.5 million drivers in 25 countries around the world, and enjoys the many benefits of Startup Connect membership with CSAIL Alliances.

Data Tamer, a data integration tool developed in MIT CSAIL, is so successful at “taming” unruly, large-scale data that Turing Award-winner and CSAIL Professor Michael Stonebraker built a company around it. Tamr, Inc. applies successful machine learning techniques to unify large amounts of data, helping companies manage their data with expert guidance.