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Leela AI is a Boston-area developer of Leela Platform, AI-driven visual analytics software for improving productivity in manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. Its Leela Core AI engine, based on research at MIT AI Lab, combines causal/neurosymbolic networks with traditional neural networks to enable commonsense reasoning and cause and effect analysis. As a result, Leela Core can quickly learn on its own, explain its reasoning, and more accurately translate unstructured visual data into actionable insights. Leela Platform is currently optimized for manufacturing operations that are not easily served by automation and IoT analytics, including environments with many human workers and frequent labor and process changes. The software measures cycle times and value- vs. non-value add work time and compares performance across shifts and locations. Leela Platform can capture best practices for use in training, as well as identify safety, PPE, and ergonomic hazards and inform staffing and robotics deployment planning. Features include graphical visualizations, privacy controls, and API extensions.