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Hundreds of companies have spun out of MIT CSAIL, several of which have gone on to have a significant impact on daily modern life. The ideas and technologies being tested in the Stata Center are not just theories; many of them have real-world applications and exciting commercial promise. 

Join CSAIL Alliances to hear how three CSAIL startups made the leap from academic research to viable business. 

During this event, current CSAIL faculty founders will share how their idea started and then invite their teams to present an overview of how the company is making an impact today and demonstrate the technology they're innovating. 

Hear from:

Inkbit - Professor Wojciech Matusik

Nectry - Professor Adam Chlipala

Einblick - Philipp Eichmann

Please reach out to with any questions.

Hear how SAIL research moved from the lab to market

Boston Marriott Cambridge

50 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142