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Join us for CSAIL’s 20th Anniversary and the 60th Anniversary of Project MAC. On Tuesday, June 27, experts and startup pioneers from across CSAIL will share inspiring talks and thought-provoking ideas at CSAIL + Imagination in Action present: AI Frontiers & Implications. Speakers will offer their vision for Al while exploring the most exciting opportunities and risks. We will also join Bob Metcalfe to celebrate Ethernet's 50th anniversary and his selection as the 2022 A.M. Turing Award winner.

Blue background with AI Frontiers & Implications written in black text over a white oval in the center. The CSAIL logon is included at the bottom and "CSAIL + Imagination in Action" is written in white text at the top
June 27, 2023: AI Frontiers & Implications
7:30 AM
Startup Pitches
8:30 AM
Director, MIT CSAIL & Professor, MIT EECS
Faculty Director, MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL
Deputy Dean of Research, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing
Professor, MIT EECS
Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering and Associate Department Head for Research, MIT
Assistant Professor, MIT EECS
10:30 AM
Faculty Co-Director, FinTech@CSAIL
Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
Director, MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering
12:10 PM
Startup Alley & Lunch
1:30 PM
Professor, MIT EECS
Professor, Medical Engineering and Science
Professor, MIT EECS
Professor, Biological Engineering
3:30 PM
Human & Machines
Faculty Co-Director, MIT Future of Data, Trust, and Privacy
Director, MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI)
Senior Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL
Senior Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL
Professor of the Practice, MIT EECS
Senior Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL
Executive Director, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
Co-Director, MIT Quest for Intelligence
5:30 PM
AI in Action
Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor
Software Developer, CSAIL
Faculty Co-Director for AI and Ethics, FinTech@CSAIL
Professor, MIT EECS
7:30 PM
Celebration with Kendall Square Orchestra (Outdoors)

Closing Reception at 1 Kendall Square