One-Shot Imitation from Video with Recurrent Comparator Networks

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Featuring from Element AI:
Christopher Pal
Principal Research Scientist, Element AI

Glen Berseth
Research Intern, Element AI

CSAIL Alliances member Element AI is an artificial intelligence company that does fundamental and applied research and transforms it into AI products. Researcher Christopher Pal and Research Intern Glen Berseth sat down with CSAIL Alliances Managing Director Lori Glover to discuss a “one-shot imitation learning from video” project that uses imitation learning and reinforcement learning to have agent or software robot to be able to watch a single demonstration of a desired behavior and replicate that behavior.

View the video that inspired their current project:

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About the speakers

Managing Director, Global Strategic Alliances, MIT CSAIL Alliances

Lori heads Alliances for the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)– the largest lab at MIT with over 1000 people and home to MIT research initiatives on Big Data, Wireless and Cyber Security. In her role at CSAIL, she is responsible for corporate and organizational engagement through the CSAIL Alliance Program, the Visiting Industry Researcher program, CSAIL startups and technology ecosystem, the professional education partnership with EdX and MIT Professional education, as well as talent acquisition/recruiting programs within CSAIL.

Lori also serves as the Executive Director of CyberSecurity@CSAIL, MIT’s new research initiative focused on identifying and developing technologies to address the most significant security issues confronting organizations over the next decade.

Additionally, Lori is the Executive Director of the research initiative BigData@CSAIL which focuses on the development of new methods for dealing with challenges posed by the ever increasing volume, velocity and variety of data and applying those techniques to specific research areas such as finance, medicine, social media and security.

Previously, Lori was the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Engagement at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She has also practiced law, taught law school and is a member of both the Massachusetts and Florida bars