FinTech@CSAIL is a strategic Initiative that brings 14 member companies together with 4 CSAIL faculty directors and a dozen researchers to advance impactful research and explore new technological solutions. As part of the Initiative, companies have a significant opportunity to be directly involved in developing innovative technologies that will transform the FinTech space, opening up new pathways in banking and global financial services.

How It Works

Each member company of the Initiative has a seat on the executive board along with faculty directors.Among the many benefits of the Initiative’s structure is the ability to be involved in multiple projects simultaneously, for a similar cost of sponsoring a single project outside of the Initiative.

Key Research Areas

Financial institutions have to adapt to a whole new landscape of technology in order to remain competitive, automate processes, analyze and protect data, and improve customer experience. Currently, FinTech@CSAIL member companies are interested in key areas that impact industry:

  • Artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent transactions     
  • Machine learning to improve fairness and decision-making in datasets
  • Natural language processing to create more robust chatbots and cleaner financial data
  • Cybersecurity to measure and assess risk, detect attacks, and learn from data to more accurately price cybersecurity insurance