The program involves many industries
Cyber systems cover communications, banking, data processing, purchasing, power/energy infrastructure, transportation, defense— nearly every aspect of our lives. Consequently, cyber-based attacks have become more frequent, and more devastating. Furthermore, the present weaknesses in both hardware and software continue to threaten not only confidentiality of private data and the integrity of data at large, but also the availability of the critical operating systems organizations use to support internal operations, manage assets, secure logistics, sales and even personnel.We are not just designing technology for specific tasks, but working toward solutions for the whole security spectrum.

We approach security from all sides: programming languages, software verification, computer architecture, crypto, systems, and policy. Our goal is to create security “by default” and remove program error as a source of vulnerability. We are designing new theoretical and practical foundations of secure computing that integrate security in the design process. Organizations are dealing with an ever increasing amount of attacks and our objective is to design protocols to make attacks more difficult, retain function despite attacks, and allow a system to recover quickly from an attack.

Our approach
We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach. We are bringing together world-renowned leaders in the security specialties of cryptography, hardware, and software. Collectively, they will leverage the existing research portfolio and work collaboratively with our industry partners to address the most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

Structure of Cybersecurity@CSAIL
The goal of CyberSecurity@CSAIL membership is to promote in-depth interactions between industry and academia. Member companies will have the opportunity to be exposed to multiple research projects that span the full spectrum of cybersecurity research as well as additional policy implications. We will collaborate closely with industry to provide real-world applications and drive impact. Our team of world-class researchers covers the full spectrum of computer science: computer architectures, programming languages, operating systems, user interfaces, theory, etc.

Cybersecurity@CSAIL industry partners will:
Participate in the CyberSecurity@CSAIL Advisory Board. Each member company will have 1 representative on the board. The board will advise the initiative on industry needs, provide feedback on existing research and advise future research direction. This board will help shape the priorities of the initiative.

Access in-depth exploration of CSAIL security research. As part of this initiative, we will leverage the work of 15+ existing research projects. Members will have unprecedented access to the research and the research teams.

Test application of tools developed to real-world situations and exploring new projects. The ultimate goal is to build a living-lab test bed involving both CSAIL and partner contributions, testing for attacks, red-teaming exercises and engaging the MIT security community in challenges (hacks) and dialogue.

Participate in in-depth interactions and shared learning on topics of particular interest to each company. Close interaction with the researchers engaged in what matters most to your company.Members will be invited to attend 4 quarterly meetings per year and may send up to 10 representatives per meeting to enable broad exposure to teams who are working on security issues. The topics of each meeting will be:

  • In depth briefing on CSAIL Security research
  • Information sharing and problem identification
  • Collaborative design of a challenge problem solution
  • Workshop on how to use a CSAIL tool/system and tech transfer

Initiative Members