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4:00PM - 5:00PM EST

This talk covers work being done in the Retail and Consumer Products industries, where there is a need to track and trace live goods including plants and food. The technical aspects of how to implement this will be covered including where Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are leveraged to provide location, status, and state to know previous, current, and future provenance of products materials, and consumer goods. Blockchain, sensors, and analytics will be covered in specifically how they are used in various examples.

Martin Wolfe, IBM STL Lecture
December 10
Using Technology to Track and Trace Live Goods from Supplier to Retailer
Vice President & Global Consumer Industries CTO, IBM

Martin Wolfe is currently the Global CTO for Retail, Consumer Products, and Agribusiness at IBM. He is a Distinguished Engineer with backgrounds in systems engineering, software development, cloud computing, Blockchain technology and leads the definition of architecture standards in Consumer focused industries.