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In a new kind of prediction network, self-navigating Python, R and Julia algorithms conspire to produce superior electricity predictions than the official forecasts - then automatically review each other’s model residuals. They also find their way to any published time series, thereby providing essentially free prediction to anyone who needs it. I will discuss the potential for collective real-time prediction, and demonstrate a prototypical host at Parts of contest theory and a lottery paradox are highly relevant to algorithms submitting distributional predictions.

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Dr. Cotton heads Intech’s data science efforts in collaboration with the investment team, and is also the primary developer of open source software supporting a prediction network. In a prior role at JPMorgan he was responsible for advances in algorithmic trading, privacy preserving analytics and crowdsourcing. Previously, he was the founder of Benchmark Solutions, a company that pioneered large-scale financial data assimilation and was later sold to Bloomberg. Peter began his career at Morgan Stanley where he was one of several independent inventors of closed-form synthetic CDO pricing. Dr. Cotton earned an undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics from the University of New South Wales and a PhD in mathematics from Stanford University.