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The best and brightest students in computer science and artificial intelligence are at CSAIL. Connect with students, visit the lab and learn from the leaders. CAP members are provided with recruiting assistance and professional education discounts.

Workforce Knowledge Development

For CSAIL Alliance Program members, all member organization employees have access to the members-only site, where videos of talks, lectures, workshops, and much more, are available for your viewing. Talks cover all research subject areas of the lab. Also, through a partnership with MIT Professional Education, we can offer CSAIL Alliance Program members a 20% discount for employees to enroll in their online courses. For a full list of programs available, please visit: 


As a member of the CSAIL Alliance Program, you can access many resources to help you with your recruiting efforts at CSAIL.
If you are interested in recruiting students, we can assist you with:

o   Planning recruiting events (tech talks, roundtables, etc.)

o   Access to a presentation room in the Stata Center with a reception, if required

o   Set-up (chair/table configuration to requirements)

o   Catering connections and recommendations

o   Registrations

o   Resume collection

o   Poster distribution

o   Email announcements to CSAIL students and student groups

o   Event coordination (logistics, deliveries, break-down, clean-up)

Connecting with CSAIL students through CAP’s member-only site

In addition to participating in recruiting activities, current profiles of our students and postdoctoral fellows are available on our website. The profiles consist of CSAIL student resumes and research descriptions. It is indexed by name of student, research area, degree program and student availability (full-time, internship or other). The profiles are available under Resources of the members-only website and fully searchable: CSAIL Student and Post Doctoral Fellows Profiles

Posting Jobs and Internships

As a member of the CSAIL Alliance Program, you can post job openings and internship opportunities on the CAP site. These postings are visible within CSAIL to students and alumni, as well as all of MIT. In addition, we will email CSAIL students and student groups to make them aware of the opportunities at your company.

Brand Awareness and MIT Campus Presence

Recruiting at MIT is unique. There is competition for student attention. As a result, having brand recognition and brand value is important in recruiting top talent to your company. Through your membership in the CSAIL Alliance Program, your brand on campus is expanded through optimal marketing opportunities, such as including your company logo on the CAP website and printed/web materials.

Your company bio is circulated in conjunction with events and appearances. Tech talks and Roundtables help spread the word on the interesting things going on at your company. We use social media to get the word out about your company’s recruiting activities at CSAIL too.

Partner Level Membership

If you are a Partner within the CSAIL Alliance Program, in addition to all the above, we can assist you with:

o   A customized tailored recruiting plan developed in accordance with your needs

o   A company day at CSAIL

o   Connections to student groups

o   Connections to other MIT recruiting focused departments

o   Two additional tech talk/roundtable/recruiting events for your company each year (4 per academic year total)