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CSAIL Startup Connect News

  Startup Connect Showcase

   April 11, 2018
   Student Street Stata Center

   Attention MIT students! Come meet with members of the CSAIL Alliances Startup Connect Program on Wednesday,
   April 11th between 11 :00am and 2:00pm!

   Members from the program will provide product demos and startups right in the middle of the Stata Center Student
   Street. All members of the Startup Connect Program have an affiliation to CSAIL, whether as a former student, current
   student, or major stakeholder in the startup. All startups are early stage and looking to work with the students of MIT.

   If you are interested in the startup community, come check it out!

  November 2017

 Forbes 30 Under 30- Enterprise Technology recipient: Greg Falco

  NeuroMesh provides endpoint security for smart devices and re-engineers malware to become a vaccine for the Internet
  of Things. Gregory Falco, a former NASA security researcher, founded the startup when he recognized the security
  vulnerability in Industrial IoT of electric grids, water networks and transportation infrastructure. Read more

  September 2017

 Greg Falco: Protecting Urban Infrastructure Against Cyberterrorism

 While working for the global management consulting company Accenture, Gregory Falco discovered just
 how vulnerable the technologies underlying smart cities and the “internet of things” — everyday devices
 that are connected to the internet or a network — are to cyberterrorism attacks. Read more

May 2017

CSAIL Startup NeuroMesh Advanced to the
MIT $100K Launch Finals!

Congratulations to NeuroMesh on advancing to the MIT $100K Launch Finals on May 17, 2017! Selected from over a hundred company entries, MIT CSAIL affiliated startup venture, NeuroMesh, made it to the finals of the prestigious MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. The contest serves as a platform for MIT and Greater Boston students and researchers to pitch, accelerate and launch their company through a series of complicated challenges that provides teams media exposure, feedback and a chance to pitch their endeavors to industry leaders. To learn more about NeuroMesh's team and the problem they are trying to solve at the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition pleaes visit:

About NeuroMesh
IoT has permeated the electric grid, medical devices and many consumer products, which all use low-memory and low-powered processors that cannot be protected by traditional antivirus solutions. Critical infrastructure and their industrial control systems have been shown to be vulnerable to cyberattacks, as seen in the high profile attacks of the Ukrainian grid and last week's global attack that exploited Microsoft Windows software used by healthcare, government and institutional networks. Founded on the premise of helping to secure these critical systems,  Greg Falco of MIT CSAIL, MIT Sloan School of Management's Caleb Li and their team developed NeuroMesh enabling the technologies of blockchain and AI to vaccinate IoT devices. The target markets for NeuroMesh include security cameras, medical devices and industrial control systems.

To learn more about NeuroMesh, please visit:

May 2017

An app by CSAIL Startup Thunkable finds an illuminating solution to the energy crisis in Yemen. Read the full article by Fast Company:

  May 2017
  CNBC highlights CSAIL Startup PathAI in feature video "From coding to cancer: How AI
  is changing medicine". To read the full article, please visit:
  CNBC Modern Medicine Article