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CSAIL Alliances - Your organization's pathway to CSAIL connections
MIT CSAIL Alliances is a gateway into the lab for industry and governmental institutions seeking a closer connection to the work, researchers and students of CSAIL. The program provides organizations with a proactive and comprehensive approach to developing strong connections with all CSAIL has to offer. Leading organizations come to CSAIL to learn about our research, to recruit talented graduate students, and to explore collaborations with our researchers. Through this program, we are able to better provide our members with access to our latest thinking and our deep pool of exceptional human and informational resources.

MIT’s Largest Interdisciplinary Lab
CSAIL is MIT’s largest research lab with over 100 researchers from 5 schools and 11 different departments. In addition, the lab is home to over 500 exceptional students. CSAIL has played a key role in the computer revolution and developments such as time-sharing, massive parallel computers, public key encryption, mass commercialization of robots, and much of the technology underlying the ARPANet, Internet and the World Wide Web. CSAIL’s focus is developing the architecture and innovative applications for tomorrow’s information technology. Our research yields long-term improvements in how people live and work. 

CSAIL members (former and current) have launched more than 100 companies, including 3Com, Lotus Development Corporation, RSA Data Security, Akamai, iRobot, Meraki, ITA Software, and Vertica. The Lab is home to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Wireless@MIT, BigData@CSAIL, Security@CSAIL and the MIT Information Policy Project (IPP).

Industry Connections - Emerging technology, innovative start-up companies, and new opportunities
CSAIL has a long history of working closely with industry. Our lab is at the forefront of emerging technologies in computer science, wireless and artificial intelligence. The advances made from our research impact every aspect of business from product development, marketing and the customer experience to data analytics, infrastructure and sustainability.  

Several of our researchers and students have launched new companies with the innovative work being done here at CSAIL.

Through research monitoring, joint research projects, workshops, conferences, visiting scientist programs and research reviews, CSAIL’s partners gain access to an extraordinary source of strategic intelligence on advanced technology that impacts business opportunities.

CSAIL Alliances members have unprecedented access to:
o   Cutting-edge research and emerging disruptive technologies 

o   Dialogue with leading researchers and student innovators

o   CSAIL community through lectures,  research publications, workshops, networking events, recruiting events, and CSAIL only activities. 

The program has 2 levels: Affiliate and Partner.

For full details and to determine which level best suits your organization's needs, please contact us through our web inquiry form or call us at 617-324-8442.