GIGAMATIC is a secure cloud-based platform that provides gig-economy workers, contractors, small-business owners, and full-time employees access to tools and services to help them with their financial and health care needs. A decentralized economy built on the Blockchain with AI.

Your key responsibilities:

  • Help shape the approach, scope, milestones, and solution design at the project start.
  • Write manageable code and unit tests and create relevant documentation.
  • Determine risk assessments for issues.
  • Front-end development using React, including integrating front end implementations with the product’s APIs and GraphQL.
  • Back-end development using Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and GraphQL.
  • Understanding of EVM smart contract development using Solidity and other blockchain tools and software is a strong asset.
  • Completing code reviews of other team members code and assisting in the mentoring of other developers.
  • Completing research with respect to the implementation of new product features and refactoring of existing features.
  • Support QA testing activities throughout the sprint.
  • Remain acutely aware of all priorities, deadlines, and backlogs to positively coach and assist the team in completing the required project tasks.
  • Understand the functionality being developed to provide support to the team.
  • Provide support, coaching and feedback to the junior staff (Including in-depth in-person code reviews, pair-programming and collaborative problem analysis).
  • Participate in monthly Technology meetings to help guide corporate technical processes, architecture, and strategy.
  • Draft technical documentation as per project requirements
  • Help define corporate standard processes and procedures
  • Identify and escalate priority issues per issue specifications
  • Redirect and report problems to appropriate team members

To qualify for the role you must have:

  • A Github profile or samples of your code made available for review – please highlight and include this in your resume as you will not qualify for this role unless it is listed
  • Experience working on production applications across the full stack, in either a start-up, or product development environment, and that experience includes:
    • Usage of modern Javascript frameworks, preferably with React but experience with other frameworks such as VueJS or Angular would be acceptable.
    • Experience working on the backend for production applications (ideally in Node.js but other backend technologies such as Java, Rails, PHP are acceptable, provided you are confident you can get up to speed with a Node.js backend within a short time frame).
    • Significant experience working with NoSQL and SQL databases which might include direct experience with MongoDB, Neo4j, PostgreSQL, MySQL and GraphQL.
    • Test Driven or Behaviour Driven testing to validate your code using modern testing tools such as mocha/jest and cypress preferably using a CI/CD pipeline
    • Experience working with Docker and/or Kubernetes as well as deployment knowledge to recognized cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, GCE.
  • You are self-driven and able to work independently and with little direction, with the ability to reach out to teammates and other technology specialists when required.
  • You know how to work effectively in a remote environment.