The Machine Learning Department has openings for researchers with a passion for developing the next generation of machine intelligence. Expertise in machine learning with a proven track record of original research are prerequisites for this position.

The Machine Learning Department has been at the forefront of research in such areas as deep learning, support vector machines, and semantic analysis for almost two decades. The research in our department has been published in premier venues and has won numerous awards, including the 2010 IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award, the 2012 IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award, the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Medal, the 2013 NEC C&C Prize, ICML 2018 Test of Time Award, and NeurIPS 2018 Test of Time Award. A lot of our research has been translated into NEC’s businesses, leading to innovative products and services of NEC, such as semantic analysis of job applications and product reviews, accident prevention, anomaly detection, and digital pathology.

Currently our department is tackling challenges in imparting abstract reasoning capabilities to machine learning and facilitating effective human-machine collaboration, and how these enable new applications in sustainable environment, smart manufacturing, safe cities, natural language processing, and personalized healthcare.

• PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, statistics, or equivalent
• Research experience in machine learning with strong publication record
• Strong algorithm and numeric computation background
• Programming experience in Python, C/C++, or other languages
• Experience with deep learning libraries and platforms a plus, e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow

We also have summer/fall internships available: