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Nearly 30 years ago, MIT Professor Peter Shor developed his eponymous algorithm by which future quantum computers could break public key cryptography systems such as RSA security. While Shor’s Algorithm is still in the realm of theory, current research is highlighting the need to consider this security threat and prepare for a future when machines will be capable of what Professor Shor predicted three decades ago. But how far away is that reality? And how can companies ensure they’re ready for what’s to come? 


On October 2, hear from MIT experts what the current field of quantum computing research looks like, its impact on security, and how the work happening today might impact society in the future. Moderated by CSAIL Director Professor Daniela Rus, Professor Shor will join a panel with the Director of the Center for Quantum Engineering at MIT, Professor William Oliver, and cryptography expert Professor Vinod Vaikuntanathan to explore how quantum will break RSA security, new cryptography measures that could fill the cybersecurity gap, and how those solutions will stand up to the quantum computers of tomorrow.

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 Quantum's Impact on Security - A Conversation with MIT CSAIL and MIT CQE (10/2/23)