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Cybersecurity Challenges and How They Impact IOT

Stata Center, MIT CSAIL
CAP General
Howard Shrobe, Director, Cybersecurity@CSAIL
Speaker Affiliation: 
Howard Shrobe is Associate Director and a Principal Research Scientist at CSAIL. His research interests include software and hardware architectures for computer security and the use of AI techniques in software development and other engineering disciplines.

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Howard Shrobe, Director of the Cybersecurity@CSAIL initiative, discusses what led him to become involved in the industry of Cybersecurity, his experience with DARPA, and creating the cybersecurity programs of CRASH (inherent security and resilience) and MRC (applicable to large-scale infrastructures). Additionally, he shares insights as to the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today and how these challenges effect the development of the Internet of Things.

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Cybsecurity Challenges and How They Impact IoT